This website is part of a concerted effort to ensure all members of welcoming communities, like Clarkston, have access to the resources that help them feel safe, stable, and successful. While intended to help new Americans living in and near DeKalb County, the site is applicable to anyone interested in accessing education, health, legal, emergency, and other day-to-day services. If you do not find what you are looking for, please let us know.
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Over 200 resources are accessible.

Why New Americans?

Americans have a long history of welcoming people from all over the world. Some come to the U.S. looking for better opportunities, some to be closer to family, and some because they are no longer safe in their own countries. Regardless of why they are here, all of these individuals and families bring values and strengths that invigorate and reinforce what it means to be an American. These are new Americans, those immigrant new arrivals who have made the United States their home. It is important to share processes and services with new Americans to help them not only adjust to their new country, but to achieve long-term success and be active members in their communities.

Why DeKalb County?

Following Gwinnett as the second most diverse county in Georgia, DeKalb County has contributed to metro Atlanta having the fastest-growing foreign-born population in the U.S. after Baltimore. This owes partly to having one of the highest new American populations in Georgia; DeKalb communities have been welcoming refugees and other immigrants since the 1980s with the first wave of Vietnamese refugees. At the heart of DeKalb’s bustling international scene is the City of Clarkston and its surrounding neighborhoods. Considered the most diverse square mile in the U.S., Clarkston is one of four Georgia communities classified as a Welcoming City, joined by Atlanta, Decatur, and Norcross.

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